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The cast of 2 Way Mirror

Anissa Sandin

Born: September 13, 1985
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Current weight: 180 lbs.
Species: feline
Religion: Wicca
Orientation: Straight
Family: Father, Aaron and younger brother, Gregory

Background: Anissa Sandin at an early age was a vibrant little girl with lots of energy and curiosity. Originally she didn't have all that much baby fat on her, having interest in martial arts and volleyball with her best friend, Melissa... that is, until her mother fell ill. Her family life fell apart during her mother's sickness and eventual suicide because of a severe reaction caused by her medications when Anissa was 12. Her mother was a great influence to her, encouraging her to explore her love of music, and after she died, Anissa's main supporter was gone. Annie watched her father struggle and many responsibilities fell on her shoulders at a young age, her brother, Greg, needing to be taken care of while their father worked two jobs to support his children. While she continued to love music, she forgot any aspirations to make a life out of it. She gained weight during this time, which brought on teasing, making the problem worse.

Anissa has a very poor self-image and has no confidence in herself. She is very sensitive and passionate, which also means that she is easily hurt. Often she tries to hide her best qualities, rather than risk being rejected. She feels herself to be unattractive and unwanted, and doesn't believe she'll ever be able to achieve her dreams... she works hard because of the sense of responsibility she learned while taking care of Greg when she was younger, but she's never let herself believe in anything she was doing in school. Part of the reason Anissa is still able to smile and laugh is because of her strong friendship with Melissa, who has been her best friend since she was six. They were neighbors for a time, the two families becoming close, so their friendship was encouraged and knew no limits. Anissa thinks of Melissa as her surrogate sister, and vice versa, Melissa providing an emotional anchor for her through the hard times, and laughter for the good. She loves anime and karaoke, those being probably the only vices she really lets herself take joy in.

Now, Anissa faces a new challenge in college, the possibility of having to move away from her father and brother, and this strange power that seems to be building inside her, one she neither understands nor knows how to control.


Melissa Holly

Born: January 7, 1985
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 147 lbs.
Species: panther
Religion: Wicca
Orientation: bisexual
Family: mother, Helen, father, Brian, younger sister Carlee and older sister Terra.

Background: Melissa Holly came from a lower-income family that always seemed to be scrounging for money. Her two sisters and her were very close and entertained one another, contented with eachother's company. While they were poor, they were happy, at least she and her siblings were, especially with the Sandins next door. What they lacked in money, they made up for in friendship. Melissa's parents were always worried about providing for them, however, and eventually, after a lot of hard work, her mother finally got promoted. Money started coming in, and things were good for a while... until her father got a promotion as well. Now they had money, but the three sisters had lost their beloved parents, only seeing them for a couple of hours a day where they were receptive, and not too tired from work to spend time with them. When Melissa was fourteen, she suddenly realized that yes, she had a lot of stuff, but what she really wanted in her life was gone. Her family moved away from Anissa's, partially because they wanted to move to a better neighborhood, partially because they couldn't deal with the pain. Melissa rebelled for a while, discovered her bisexuality, and even donated some of the gifts her parents were showering her with to local charities to try and make a point. Her parents didn't listen. Both of her sisters drifted away from her, her sister, being old enough to drive and already with her own car, became the popular girl on the block, and her younger sister mostly just emulated what she saw Terra do. Melissa, however, focused on her passions and on Anissa, whom needed her, more than ever, at her side.

Melissa worked hard through her highschool career in volleyball, her athleticism and charisma making her a natural leader. She helped her team win two city championships, and she is a natural fighter, having almost achieved 1st dan in tae kwon do. She's not incredibly empathic, however, and more than a little impulsive. She enjoys making friendly pokes at Anissa, though she does so to try and drill home the idea that she is desirable, and struggles with Anissa's inner demons to get her to try and at least chase her dreams.


Brenton Woods

Born: August 12, 1986
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 148 lbs.
Species: Squirrel
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
Family: mother, Ariel, father, Sam.

Background: Brenton was born into a pretty normal family. Working mother, his father worked out of home, making a pretty normal living for their son. Brenton was unusually bright for his age, but while his parents had the opportunity to, they didn't send him to private schools, as he seemed to be happier in the public centre. Brent was never picked on as a kid, because of his quiet, unassuming and laid-back nature. It seemed impossible to really upset him. He wasn't spoiled despite being an only child, and his work ethic was instilled at an early age by his father. As he grew up very educated about the world around him, he became resentful of how the world worked. Finding music to suit his outlook, he embraced a kind of punk/goth identity and started his own band in his young teenaged years. His parents approved of this, however, saying that screaming at the top of his lungs in garages and expressing himself was healthier than smoking or doing drugs. When he entered high school, he was closely monitored because of his fashion choices, and most people kept a safe distance from him, because not only was he dressed as a Goth, but he was quiet and unassuming. He more or less coasted through high school, relying on his natural intelligence to carry him through his courses. He didn't really join any school groups, but was closely affiliated with the Audio/Visual team and the school newspaper.

Brenton's friends consist mainly of his bend members, who enjoy skateboarding, paintball, pool, and other relatively inoffensive passtimes, when they're not practicing and making music. Brent is also a devout Christian of the United Church, and believes in being fair to everyone, regardless of creed or race. He has no biases or prejudice, basing his conduct around others upon their approach to him, as individuals. Brenton himself is at a crossroads with school ending, his band members splitting up and going on to different things. He finds himself going to college with Anissa, who has been his locker partner for two years. He likes Anissa, but because of his rather indifferent attitude, she can never tell.


Sonya Wilder

Born: November 19, 1984
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 139 lbs.
Species: tiger/rabbit hybrid
Religion: Agnostic
Orientation: Straight
Family: Mother, Francine, and father, Gerold (divorced)

Background: Sonya Wilder was never really good at sharing as a child. Her parents worked constantly, leaving her to her own devices and often in the hands of her rather unscrupulous baby-sitter, who often mistreated and threatened her, unintentionally training her to be just as cruel and manipulative as she was. As long as she got what she wanted, Sonya really didn't see any reason she should care; her parents too, used similar methods in their business lives, so she did as she pleased until she was thirteen where her father was sued by Anissa's father for prescribing her mother with a drug which had known and violent side effects if the subject was sensitive to them. It was not intentional, but Gerold was simply unwilling to accept responsibility for his mistake. Sonya's mother divorced her father for costing them both a fair sum of money. Sonya was always closer to her father, at least, and grew bitter with both of her parents for taking away what little she had resembling a family. When she rebelled, it was swift and dramatic. Upon entering high school, she wasted little time in getting into the popular circles by manipulating those whom she could with either her sexuality or playing the role of the golden student.

Sonya Wilder cheated her way through school, riding on the backs of the easily manipulated and generally outthinking the ones who would usually weed out those of her mentality. She is actually quite intelligent, just unwilling to do the gruntwork herself. She is selfish, vindictive, and started a feud with Anissa as soon as they started going to the same school, making her life miserable and enjoying every moment of it. She views Anissa as deserving everything she gets, blaming her fragmented life on Anissa's parents. She has never been reprimanded for her activities, however, because she is very careful of her conduct to preserve her image to the faculty. She knows it won't be nearly as easy to ride through college so easily, but then, she's really only there to escape her mother's possessive and controlling nature, and seize another opportunity to make new, powerful 'friends'.


Hiroki Natsune

Born: September 20, 1983
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 165 lbs
Species: red panda
Religion: Christian
Orientation: straight
Family: Mother, Takeo, father, Yoshaisu, sister, Kana.

Background: Hiroki's family have to move frequently because of his father's job, the most recent move landing them in Canada. He is definitely the baby of the family, his sister already in her late thirties and with a family of her own. An untraditional family, Hiroki's parents realized that most of their work would land them in North America, and they wanted to be sure Hiroki could blend in. He was raised, however, with traditional Japanese values of hard work, discipline, and etiquette, then infused with western culture and religion, leaving him with a strong work ethic combined with an equally strong moral code. Hiroki was well-balanced as a child, being competent in sports but not concentrating on them, doing well in academics, but not spending every moment of his life with books. His sister, however, remains in Japan, and while his parents worked, his sister was the one who dressed him for school, made his lunch, and made sure he kept out of trouble. He misses her terribly, but knows too that unless he works hard, he will not honour her efforts, so he focuses often on his studies to keep his mind off of things.

Hiroki enjoys technical things, works extensively with computers and software, but makes sure to keep in his physical activities to keep his mind and body sharp. Because of his work ethic, however, he didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to friendmaking and social skills, which was especially difficult with how often his family moved. Finally, at the age of 15, his parents seemed to settle in one place, allowing him to finish his schooling and start his college career. Because he is so diverse, however, he finds himself at a loss of what to concentrate on, and he can become scatterbrained at times. He enjoys anime and western movies and music, and dreams of somehow becoming involved with the entertainment industry.




Born: Unknown
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: unknown
Species: unknown
Religion: unknown, unless one counts sadism.
Orientation: bisexual
Family: unknown.

Background: Adam is a spirit of vengeance, one that can be summoned through a force of will by those who can conjure his power. While normally serving a master, he found that who called him out of his domain was unable to keep him in check. Adam is not so much straight-up evil as he is following his nature, to take revenge and enjoy it, that's the purpose humanity has given him, and he follows blindly his predetermined fate, and once freed without control, he is free to explore all the amusements the mortal world has to offer. Adam cannot be harmed by normal means, and partially the only reason why he's not killed anyone yet is because it's far more amusing to watch people live and suffer.









Carmen and Susan Carmicheal

Born: March 12, 1982 and April 12, 1984
Height: 6 ft. and 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 182 lbs and unknown.
Species: human
Religion: Christian
Orientation: straight
Family: Father, Henry, and mother, Vanessa

Background: Carmen and Susan grew up in a fairly normal household, and unlike some other humans, they were raised to respect diversity and at an early age were interacting with their anthropomorphic neighbours. There were a few things to get used to, but their father, who runs a comic book store and collects Japanese mangas, was eccentric on his own, so by the time Carmen and Susan were adolescents, they were used to having a little weirdness in their lives. They adapted well throughout highschool, keeping the nerdy aspects of their father's business and their own involvement in keeping it running behind closed doors. Carmen enjoys his work at his father's store, Susan is more interested in becoming a social worker, fascinated by the subcultures of the world. Carmen is definately the geekier of the two, though he does get out once in a while to cruise around on his motercycle when he needs to blow off steam. Susan enjoys quiet reading, and quieter, relaxed music, and usually tags along with her brother to anime conventions and clubs to promote her father's store, though she does enjoy a few of the more well-written series. They've lived in Toronto all their lives, and know how to take care of themselves, so they're definately not shy when it comes to meeting new people and making friends.





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