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Frequently asked questions

1. What is this comic about?

This is the story of a young femme named Anissa, and chronicles the challenges she faces dating from the end of her highschool career onward. On top of being a mess emotionally, she has the added complication of a strange power that seems to be building up inside her, one she neither understands nor knows how to control. When she is able to focus her abilities, however, she also discovers that the more selfishly she uses them, the worse the consequences are.

2. Why is she Wiccan? Is this a comic that bashes Christianity or any other religions?

Uhm... no. If you read the authors section, you'll see that Jordan, who created the Anissa character, is Christian himself, and faithful. This comic is not meant to have 'religious' themes, as Anissa's power is really a plot device more than anything else, though there IS a theme that expresses a wish for all creeds to be able to coexist as friends.

3. Why are there furry people, semi-furry people and humans in the comic?

Because it makes for more interesting character designs, quite frankly, and we like furries, so there. If you're looking for an explanation as to WHY they coexist in the same reality, we're not going to give you one. They just DO, no explanations, that'd just ruin things... besides, makes for some really interesting character interaction.

4. I saw boobies in the first comic, are there going to be more!?

Don't count on it. While this is a mature comic, it is most certainly not ADULT. You will not see explicit sex, and if there is nudity, it most certainly will NOT be pornographic. This is a story, not a striptease.

5. Who the heck is that Adam guy?

You'll find out.

6. Hey, I've got a furry character! Can he/she make a cameo in your comic?

If your character sparks my interest, of course. Get in line, though, I have my own friends to plug! ;)

Want to ask us a question? We can be reached at twowaymirror2005@yahoo.com

-More as questions are asked, and frequently.





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